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Mental Health Counselor, Marital and Family Therapist

Therapy Works! Do you feel that you are dealing with a challenging situation? Do you have a critical voice living in your head? Does your marriage need some TLC? Therapy can be a place to get support, improve yo...

City: Rehovot
Expressive Arts Therapist

My name is Eliana and I am a Jerusalem based art therapist with professional experience in both group and individual settings. In my studio, I strive to create a safe and nurturing space that welcomes and encourages c...

City: Jerusalem
Clinical Social Worker

I have been working at Geha hospital in the ADHD and adult outpatient clinics for the last 15 years. My work includes evaluation and therapy on the adult and adolescent population suffering from ADHD, depression and a...

City: Tel Aviv
Clinical Social Worker

I am a Jerusalem based therapist working with teens and adults. I have training in a number of different therapeutic approaches  (including Internal Family Systems, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Somatic Experienc...

City: Jerusalem

Pearl Lopian Dip Couns

Mental Health Counselor, EFT Advanced Accredited Practitioner

Are you experiencing any of the following: Anxiety Trauma Stress Difficult Memories Abuse Physical/chronic pain Weight issues Unwanted thoughts Aliya Challenges Fertility Issues I can empower you...

City: Jerusalem
Marital and Family Therapist

I retired from being a social worker and now have time for my passion which is couples and family therapy. I have been freelancing in the family therapy unit at the Schneider Children's Hospital since 2004 and I enjoy...

City: EmekHefer
Clinical Psychologist

The key to addressing significant life stressors is recognizing and understanding the struggle while transitioning to a new normal. I have worked and received extensive training in multiple settings including pediatri...

City: Modiin, Jerusalem
Clinical Social Worker

The promise of bringing changes into your life! Ask yourself these questions:  Am I feeling down lately?  Do I feel like my heart is racing when I am under even a little bit of stress?  Do my fa...

City: Zur-Yigal, Kochav Yair, kfar-saba
Mental Health Counselor

I am an experienced integrative counsellor, trained in the U.K. I offer structured support and specialize in working with people in abusive or difficult relationships, or those leading chaotic lives. I offer a safe...

City: Pardes Hana, Tel Aviv
Clinical Social Worker, Marital and Family Therapist

Perhaps you're feeling overwhelmed, sad or challenged by the things that life has thrown your way. I can help you to feel better about yourself and your relationships. With over 20 years as a clinical social worker...

City: Jerusalem, Efrat
Clinical Psychologist

As an insight-oriented therapist, my goal is to help you understand your old patterns, explore the possibility of doing things differently, and practice making new choices so that they become second nature. My approac...

City: Tel Aviv
Clinical Psychologist, Supervising and Training Psychoanalyst

I have been working as a clinical psychologist for 24 years, first in the U.S. and then in Israel. My doctoral dissertation was on the psychological adjustment to immigration, and so I am well familiar with the challe...

City: Zichron Yaakov

Tova Lane PsyD, BCSP


I am a psychologist with extensive experience treating trauma survivors, in particular those with dissociative symptoms. In our sessions, we will work on finding ways to feel safe, develop a picture of how you wish yo...

City: Tel Aviv, Jerusalem
School Psychologist

Is your child or teen suffering from selective mutism, general anxiety, shyness, social anxiety, or emotional dysregulation such as outbursts, anger, sadness, withdrawal or frustration? I am an expert psychologist,...

City: Jerusalem , Efrat