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Clinical Social Worker

I've been a therapist for teens and young adults (ages 13-40+) for over 13 years. I have helped hundreds of clients deal with issues of depression/anxiety, OCD, phobias, trauma, self-esteem, family issues, social issu...

City: Jerusalem, Modiin
Clinical Social Worker

What being a therapist means to me: We are all born with similar and yet individually unique needs- to be seen, to have someone close enough with the ability to identify those needs and to act upon them. It is that...

City: Tel Aviv

Shelly Bakst PhD, MSW

Clinical Social Worker, Psychotherapist

My role as your therapist/psychologist is to illuminate whatever it is that is blocking you from having the life that you want, and I will be straightforward and honest with you and persistent with your goals. I will...

City: Tel Aviv
Psychologist, Play Therapist

I am a Psychologist and a Registered Play Therapist, specializing in play therapy, a child-friendly form of emotional therapy. Trained in North America and then settled in Israel since 1992, I have worked with young c...

City: Jerusalem

Nitsan Ozer MFT, M.S.

Marital and Family Therapist

Hello! Shalom! My name is Nitsan and I am a therapist in Tel Aviv, Israel. MY SPECIALTIES - Supporting Olim Chadashim with all the (expected and unexpected) emotions and challenges that come with the huge life chang...

City: Tel Aviv
Body-Mind Practitioner

Adi Assodri has been helping people release negative emotions, stress and trauma for over 20 years. She has attended workshops in Europe and Israel to study with the best trainers available. Through her expertise, exp...

City: Netanya
Clinical Social Worker

After establishing and working in private practice in the US for almost a decade, I moved to Israel in 2011. In the US, I worked with children and adults, utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to treat anxiety,...

City:  Ramat bet shemesh
School Psychologist

I am an experienced educational and school psychologist, specializing in transition issues, including children’s psycho-social adjustment, second language learning and language disabilities. This is the subject of m...

City: Jerusalem, Netanya

My name is Shira Wiesen and I am a Psychologist who specializes in treating adolescents and adults using a Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) model. Before making Aliyah in the summer of 2015 I ran an Adolescent DBT...

City: Efrat, Jerusalem

Naomi Sternberg MC, LCMFT

Marital and Family Therapist

I am a New York State Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist with over 25 years experience in the mental health field. I have dealt with multicultural and varied populations ranging from preschool through adulthood....

City: Ramat Beit Shemesh,, Har Nof
Clinical Psychologist

Sometimes life can feel intolerable - with stress far outweighing pleasure. I help people to get their lives back on track. When someone is depressed, they may struggle to get up in the morning, may neglect themselv...

City: Ramat bet Shemesh, Jerusalem
Expressive Arts Therapist

I am an Art Therapist living in Herzlia and practicing in Herzlia and Tel Aviv. My passions include my family, making art and helping people find their voice through art making and connecting. I provide a safe, no...

City: Tel Aviv

Abby Weisz MA, MSW

Individual and Couples Therapist; Intimacy Counselor

Only YOU can affect change in your life. I work as an individual psychotherapist and as an intimacy counselor and educator in order to assist and support you on your personal journey. I come from a strength based pers...

City: ramat bet shemesh bet, Jerusalem
Clinical Psychologist, Jungian Analyst, Sandplay Therapist

I am a clinical psychologist and a Jungian analyst who has been in practice since 1985, working with adults and children, as well in training and supervision. The longer I am in practice the more humble I become, reco...

City: Tel Aviv, Jerusalem