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Body/Mind Psychotherapist, Medical and Life Coach

Shulamit Lando, Body/Mind Psychotherapist, Medical Coach and Life Coach, Author of "HOPE BEYOND ILLNESS - A guide to living WELL with a chronic condition." Because I overcame the impossible (I was totally cured fro...

City: Jerusalem
Clinical Psychologist

Entering Therapy is a Courageous Step Most people have tried everything they know to feel better. The decision to enter therapy, requires self awareness and persistence, and often marks a crucial turning point. Eac...

City: Jerusalem, Modiin

Robert Newman MSW, LCSW, MBA

Marital and Family Therapist

I use approaches customized for each client. My diverse background allows me to see each person as a unique individual without labels and traditional diagnosis. I design customized learning and therapy programs for ea...

City: Zfat, Pardes Chana
Mental Health Counselor

I am an experienced integrative counsellor, trained in the U.K. I offer structured support and specialize in working with people in abusive or difficult relationships, or those leading chaotic lives. I offer a safe...

City: Karkur
Mental Health Counselor, Marital and Family Therapist, Somatic Psychotherapist

I am a somatic psychotherapist and couples therapist. I offer effective, integrative therapy for issues related to the body, relationships, sexuality and life transitions. Most couples that come to see me are tired...

City: Pardes Hana-Karkur
Clinical Social Worker

The promise of bringing changes into your life! Ask yourself these questions:  Am I feeling down lately?  Do I feel like my heart is racing when I am under even a little bit of stress?  Do my fa...

City: Zur-Yigal, Kochav Yair, kfar-saba
Mental Health Counselor, Life Coach, Existential Psychotherapist

My name is Sharon Almougy, MA, and I'm a fluent English and Hebrew speaker who made aliyah from Australia 24 years ago. I am a certified Existential Psychotherapist and Career / Life and Group Coach and facilitator. ...

City: Modiin, Jerusalem

Micki Lavin-Pell MA, MFT, MSC

Marital and Family Therapist

My primary area of expertise is in working with people who would like to create a healthy relationship from the start. I know how challenging this can feel when so many seem to do it effortlessly. The truth is, we all...

City: Katamon, Jerusalem
Clinical Psychologist

I am a licensed clinical psychologist, specializing in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), which are the gold-standard, evidence-based approaches for treating a variety of clinic...

City: Modi'in, Jerusalem
Individual and Couple Therapist

Are you looking for a therapist who can patiently and compassionately help you figure out what's going on inside? Someone who can help you find and explore new options for dealing with what's bothering you? Counseling...

City: Givat Shmuel, Netanya
Clinical Social Worker

What being a therapist means to me: We are all born with similar and yet individually unique needs- to be seen, to have someone close enough with the ability to identify those needs and to act upon them. It is that...

City: Tel Aviv

Tanya Prochko MEd, MFT

Marital and Family Therapist, Psychotherapist

Having practiced in New York, Los Angeles, and Jerusalem, I find that despite cultural and environmental differences, all people have an innate drive to succeed in this world - to succeed in their relationships with ...

City: Jerusalem
Expressive Arts Therapist

I am an Art Therapist living in Herzlia and practicing in Herzlia and Tel Aviv. My passions include my family, making art and helping people find their voice through art making and connecting. I provide a safe, no...

City: Tel Aviv
Clinical Social Worker

Human beings are amazing and we all have amazing potential lying within us. Today more than ever, we are all faced with many difficulties which add to the struggle in uncovering our unique greatness; the pure spark wi...

City: Ramat Beit Shemesh (Aleph, Gimmel), Jerusalem (Ramat Eshkol)