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Become part of the most trusted resource in Israel for English-speakers

GHI is the only mental health resource that verifies the credentials of the therapists listed in our database. Clients have come to know and trust the GHI brand for finding qualified mental health professionals.

Increase successful referrals

GHI is the go-to mental health resource and directory for English speakers residing in Israel, with over 20,000 page views per month. The site is designed to be user friendly for clients to find you and contact you immediately.

Attend nationwide networking events and conferences

All events are in English with a reduced registration fee for members of the association. Connect with other professionals in the field; expand your clinical toolbox and earn CEU credits.

Get listed in GHI's annual mental health directory and resource.

The directory is distributed among Anglos in close to 40 cities throughout Israel, new Olim as they land in Israel, gap year students and their parents, and English-speaking residents who prefer to seek therapeutic services in English. GHI members listed in the directory are seen by 50,000 English speakers throughout Israel.


The GHI website averages 20,000 page views per month. GHI's annual Mental Health Directory is seen by approximately 50,000 English-speakers throughout Israel. GHI is highly regarded and used by major organizations that work with English-speakers, Klita/Absorption offices, over 50 seminaries and yeshivas and other GAP year programs. They recognize GHI as the only diverse and comprehensive organization that verifies professional credentials and therefore refer solely to the GHI database of professionals when they seek English language mental health services.
1. The GHI website has excellent search engine optimization (SEO), so when clients search online for mental health services, GHI comes up on the first pages of search results.

2. We have ads in all major English-speaking publications around the country. (If there’s a publication in which you don’t see GHI, please email us at [email protected] and we’ll make sure to get an ad in there).

3. Our most important referral source is word of mouth. Thousands of clients have successfully found the right help through GHI, and they recommend us to friends and relatives. In addition, our mental health professionals, who understand the importance of professional qualifications in a therapist, solely refer clients, friends, and family to other GHI members.

4. We meet with partnering organizations who work with English-speakers to inform them of what we do. They appreciate having a reliable Association to which they can refer clients who need help. Hard copies of the GHI directories are used as a resource in their waiting rooms and offices.

5. Mental health professionals and organizations abroad are being informed about GHI and use our online resource to refer clients who are moving to Israel.

As of January of 2020, GHI has close to 250 members and growing daily.
Psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, psychotherapists, marriage and family therapists, mental health counselors, addictions specialists, sex therapists, art therapists, and play therapists, must have a post-graduate degree in mental health from an accredited university with appropriate practicum experience. They must be licensed or license eligible in the country they came from, and they must be able to legally work in Israel. In addition, Psychologists must be licensed by Misrad Habriut, and social workers must be registered as a social worker in Israel.

Inpatient or outpatient treatment facilities may join as well.
Membership is on an annual basis, but you may break up your membership fees into monthly installments.
Absolutely! You may create a Hebrew profile for GHI’s Hebrew website and increase exposure to Hebrew speaking clients as well.


Educate the public

about the benefits of therapy, the various therapeutic options available, and provide guidance through blogs/articles from mental health professionals

Encourage people

to seek help by providing them with an easy to use and reliable resource for locating the best help for each individual.

Address and challenge

the stigma surrounding mental health that may be preventing people from getting help.

Create a community

of Anglo mental health professionals in Israel, who comply with principles of ethical practice.



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