Therapy Through Kupat Cholim

(According to The Ministry of Health on their website and Shira Pransky Project on their website)

As of July 2015, the responsibility for providing mental health services to the public was transferred from the Ministry of Health to the Kupot Cholim.
For the average Kupah member (in non-acute and non-critical situations) this means figuring out how to receive therapy, possibly preceded by a psychological assessment or diagnosis.

For all mental health services you should start with your primary care doctor for a referral.
Once you find out where you need to go, check with the Kupah secretary or information service to see if you will need a Hitchayvut (a payment voucher from the Kupah, usually necessary for services, including tests and hospitalization, from other institutions).

Outpatient Clinics

There are therapists available in outpatient clinics of general and psychiatric hospitals, or community clinics run by, (or by agreement with), the Kupat Cholim. These options are the cheapest (ranging from free to around 32 shekels, once per quarter), and you may be able to find one close to home. The amount of treatments in mental health is unlimited. Each person receives psychotherapy according to the professional judgment of his therapists, depending on his/her condition.

On the other hand, it may take a lot of time to get started, and your flexibility in choosing the right therapist for you may be limited.

To contact the Ministry of Health Call Center with medical/mental health questions or complaints, dial *5400 or 08-6241010

Independent Therapist

Many people prefer to work with an independent therapist. This option is more expensive (around 55 shekels for the first visit and 132 for each subsequent session), and still does not mean unlimited choice. The Kupah has a listing of independent therapists from which to choose. The listing will include location and may also include the languages in which the therapist will work. You can contact these therapists directly until you find the right one and make an appointment.  At the Kupah, you will have to pay the co-payment and get a Hitchayvut to bring to the therapists' office.

Kupat Cholim Leumit

(According to Leumit on their website)

Initial evaluation

All customers seeking mental health services will undergo an initial evaluation (also known as an intake). The evaluation is done by a social worker, psychiatrist or clinical psychologist, and is aimed at collecting information about the client. Such information includes data regarding medical history, developmental history, psychiatric condition difficulty, personality, ability to function, stressors and more, in order to decide on the best fitting therapy for the client. After the initial evaluation, the client will be referred to a therapist for treatment.

Mental health treatment options available to Leumit patients

• Multidisciplinary mental health clinics that offer psychotherapy treatments without a high co-pay

• Psychiatrists working out of Leumit medical centers

• Psychiatric and psychotherapeutic services offered at public clinics in agreement with Leumit

• Psychotherapeutic services offered by independent therapists (payment as specified below)

Contact a customer service representative, either at your Leumit medical center, or at the customer service center by dialing *507 from any cell phone.  A representative will be able to supply information regarding the services and providers available in your area. If a payment voucher is needed (Tofes 17), one can be obtained at your medical center or via your primary care physician. If a co-payment is required, you will be charged in accordance with the payment requirements listed below:



Psychiatrist through Leumit Psychiatric hospital 24 NIS per quarter

Outpatient clinic in general hospital 132 NIS per quarter

Psychotherapy services offered by an independent therapist* 1st treatment - 55 NIS

Additional treatments - 13 NIS

Group therapy - 60 NIS
*the deductible will be charged when obtaining the payment voucher
Psychotherapy at Leumit mental health clinics is free of charge

For more information about treatment and payment please contact customer service at 1700-507507

Kupat Cholim Maccabi

(As stated by Maccabi on their website)

Maccabi's mental health services are provided at Maccabi's professional clinics, public clinics or by independent Maccabi affiliates.

Treatment at Maccabi mental health clinics:

In the clinics, the following services are provided:

• Diagnostic services

• Psychiatric evaluation

• Counseling and psychotherapy

• Personal, family and group therapy

• Psychosocial treatment by a social worker

• Occupational therapy - diagnosis, evaluation and treatment

• Expressive arts therapy - in pediatric clinics only

• Treatment for eating disorders 

• Bedwetting treatment for children 

• Social work services for women (and their partners) undergoing fertility treatment 

• Sex therapy 

Treatments requiring psychiatric or dietitian services involve a quarterly NIS 30 deductible.
Other treatments are at no cost.

Treatment at Maccabi Affiliate Clinics:

Affiliate mental health clinics that have an agreement with Maccabi provide diagnosis and treatment. Authorization will be renewed at the discretion of the clinic's professional staff according to the following details:

Diagnostic: 2 sessions (diagnostic meeting + treatment session)
Short-term treatment: up to 8 sessions for children up to age 18, and 6 sessions for adults. Limited to 8 months.
Long term treatment: Up to 30 sessions. Limited to 24 months.

In regular hospitals and in the clinics in the agreement - a quarterly fee of NIS 36 will be charged. In psychiatric hospitals – with authorization by Maccabi decision, there is no fee.

Private therapists
Maccabi works with independent psychologists and social workers that provide psychotherapy in their own clinics.
First session: 59NIS
Additional sessions: 142NIS
Group treatment session: 65NIS
Appointments are made directly with the therapist.

For information on Maccabi services, call *3555.

Kupat Cholim Clalit

(as stated by Clalit on their website)

Clalit Mental Health Clinics – Affiliate mental health clinics that have an agreement with Clalit provide diagnosis and treatment free of charge. There is a minimal quarterly copay for a Clalit psychiatrist. Make an appointment directly with the psychiatrist or by calling the Clalit service center at *2700. Note: The patient needs to have a referral from the family doctor (tofes 17) prior to calling *2700. Additionally, Clalit offers 3 free telephone sessions that are 30-45 mins in length (no tofes 17 required). To schedule an appointment, call *2708 on weekdays.

Private therapists:
Clalit works with independent psychologists and social workers that provide psychotherapy in their own clinics. Make an appointment directly with the service provider, as long as the provider has a contract with Clalit. The practitioner will meet with you for an initial assessment and will build a treatment plan which he or she will send to Clalit for authorization. Up to ten sessions will be authorized. Additional sessions require further authorization.

Fees (As of July 1, 2022)
First session: 62NIS 
Additional sessions 149NIS
Group treatment session 68NIS

Kupat Cholim Meuchedet

(As stated by Meuchedet on their website)

Affiliate mental health clinics that have an agreement with Meuchedet provide diagnosis and treatment. Available treatments include psychological or psychiatric treatment. In some cases, the treatment will involve a nominal fee. Video (CBT) psychotherapy is available free of charge.

Outpatient clinics in general hospitals: Treatment is provided for a nominal fee. Treatment will begin after a screening session where your needs and condition will be assessed by a mental health professional.

Treatment by independent therapists: Select a therapist from a list of Meuchedet providers, and make an appointment directly with the provider. Payment is made directly to the practitioner.

First session 62NIS
Additional sessions 148.90NIS
Group treatment session 68.20NIS

Alternative to psychiatric hospitalization:
A therapeutic home run by Meuchedet (locations include Jerusalem, Rehovot, Caesarea, Rishon LeTzion, and Kibbutz Harduf) allows people who are dealing with an acute mental crisis to avoid hospitalization and recover in a community environment outside their home. A referral from Meuchedet's mental health center or a family doctor is needed for treatment.
For information on Meuchedet mental health services, call *3833.

Visit the web URL below for a list of mental health service providers through Meuchedet, sorted by location. You may find English-speaking therapists by looking in the “Language” column.  Click here for a list of providers.