Get Help Israel is the primary resource in English for the public in Israel and for professionals in the mental health field.​


Immigrants to Israel are often faced with a serious problem when searching for mental health help. Although they may be fluent in Hebrew, when it comes to sensitive issues, they prefer to communicate in English. But how can they find out which therapists and specialists are English speakers?

Get Help Israel’s database lists over 200 verified professionals who provide independent services in English all over the country.

We check the credentials of each professional listed on the website, so clients know they can trust the accuracy of the information on the profiles.

Our filtered search makes it easy to find specialists in any location and narrow the list down according to specialty, type of professional, gender, language, average cost per session, and even the religious affiliation of the professional.​

Our information center provides basic information on navigating the mental health system in Israel, what subsidized services are available, and important phone numbers.​


We are dedicated to promoting mental health in Israel. We offer frequent workshops for professionals, give members access to resources, lists of certified supervisors as well as office rentals throughout Israel. Our annual networking event brings together professionals from all over the country, to gather information, meet each other and connect with relevant government offices and organizations.

Get Help Israel publishes an annual professional directory, an invaluable resource that encourages referrals and collaborations among professionals. To view a copy of the 2019 edition, click here .