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Simcha Dov Wolfe MSW, LCSW

Clinical Social Worker, Sex Therapist
The goal in my practice is to help my clients feel more comfortable in addressing their sexuality and to be able to achieve the utmost…
City: Givat Shmuel Jerusalem

Anat Gihon MA

Psychotherapist, Bioenergetic Analyst
I have over 30 years of clinical experience, mostly focusing on assisting people in dealing with difficult life changes and crises; issues around relationships and…
City: Tel-Aviv; Mevassesre -Zion

Yonatan Strano MA

Psychodynamic and CBT Therapist
I'm a native English speaking Psychologist based in central Tel-Aviv. I have experience treating anxiety disorders, depression, trauma, life crises, adjustment problems, personality disorders, identity…
City: Tel-Aviv

Liba Lurie MA

I am a psychologist and I help individuals and couples who feel overwhelmed and out of balance in their lives regain their sense of calm,…
City: Jerusalem Efrat

Avraham Weitz MSC

Certified Imago Couples and Marriage Specialist
In my experience working with couples, it has become clear to me that a secure and fulfilling relationship with our spouse provides the fertile ground…
City: ירושלים

Phyllis Jesselson LMSW

Clinical Social Worker, Certified Sex Therapist
Although sexuality is such a great part of who we are, it often receives insufficient attention. Finding the right therapist to comfortably express needs and…
City: German Colony, Jerusalem
02-561-0287 02-561-0288

Binyomin Jacobson CBT Therapist

Mental Health Counselor
Life is all about change! Therapy is all about receiving tools for life empowering the individual to "Live a fulfilling Life" gaining confidence to live…
City: Beit Shemesh Beitar Illit Jerusalem

Hillel Langenauer LMSW

Clinical Social Worker, Certified Couples and Family Therapist
I am a sensitive and empathic therapist who understands the challenges involved in seeking out therapeutic help, both overall, as a human being, and, in…
City: ירושלים

Leah Gniwesch PhD

Life Coach, Psychologist
Have a life that you can be proud of… Get rid of stress, confusion and self doubt once and for all! If you are struggling…
City: Jerusalem

Yehoshua Landau MSC

Mental Health Counselor, Marital and Family Therapist
Finding the right therapist is an important step towards healthier, happier living. My approach is holistic, goal oriented, and future-focused. A tailor-made technique is developed…
City: Jerusalem

Andrew Freundlich PhD

Clinical Psychologist
I have been a practicing clinical psychologist in the United States for 40 years treating individuals and couples with a wide range of problems and…
City: Jerusalem

Joshua Mark MSW

Clinical Social Worker, Rehabilitation Psychologist
We're not supposed to be miserable. Our pain and suffering declares that our lives can be better. Therapy is the way. Therapy is the way…
City: Jerusalem ירושלים

Laura S. Weissman MFT

Marital and Family Therapist
Shalom Bayit: words, images and realities that we strive for, yet sometimes lack the understanding to create. Whether you are looking to make your good…
City: Ramat Beit Shemesh Ramat Beith Shemesh

Robert Newman MSW, LCSW, MBA

Clinical Social Worker, Marital and Family Therapist
I use approaches customized for each client. My diverse background allows me to see each person as a unique individual without labels and traditional diagnosis.…
City: Zfat Pardes Chana