Keren Burgman MFT

Marital and Family Therapist


As a therapist my goal is to provide you with a safe, trusting and accepting environment where you have an opportunity to practice new ways of coping. communicating, changing perceptions, feelings, beliefs and integrating new behavior.

Learning to cope differently is key to transformation, it is not about completely eliminating what no longer works but to add to what already exists in order to transform meaning and understanding.

The question is not “why” did this happen to me, the why tends to keep a person stuck in a limited story, I work outside the “why” whether it is a youngster, teen, an adult, couple or family, I am here to help you remember that you can make changes in your life,  to use your past as a catalyst for insight, healing and growth, to become aware of and access your inner resources, find hope when filled with uncertainty, and make choices that result in healthier behaviors.

I have studied many methods about human change; little did I know back 30 years ago as I began my international experience as an American traveling abroad that my career would be built on living on 3 continents bringing its own unique encounters insights and cultural adjustments. Each place that I have lived has brought new opportunities and challenges.

Over the years I have worked in a variety of settings from profit to non-profit, from being a therapist for a community counseling center, a senior counselor for youth at risk, peer support training for students at international elementary/ high schools,  communication workshops facilitator,  mindfulness and stress management, therapist at a complimentary wellness center, coping with grief and loss,  counseling  for elderly and supporting children of aging parents, intercultural training/counseling  for expats and now for those making Aliyah, and ongoing Individual, Family and Child Therapy.

As a therapist it is my job is to be attuned to the people I work with and how they respond to my intervention.  I feel honored for those that I have guided, helped to unravel the unknown and encouraged them to explore new ways of knowing themselves and being in the world.

This unique relationship and process we call therapy, is really about our capacity to find compassion, acceptance, curiosity, mindfulness and a willingness to dive into the unknown, together. It’s not selfish to love, take care of yourself and make happiness a priority, it’s necessary. This is your life; there is nothing more precious and important than that.


California Family Study Center/ now Phillips Graduate University

Year of Graduation:

Years in Practice:


Average cost per session
250-350 NIS


Discounts Available
Special Rate for New Olim, Sliding Scale, Free Consultation, Student Discount, Lone Soldier Discount


Telephone Counseling, Skype


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Tel Aviv

+972 0545617769


Abuse, Anxiety / Panic, Cancer / Terminal Illness, Codependency, Depression, Divorce / Custody, Gender Identity Concerns, Grief, Life Transitions, Marital Counseling, Parenting Issues / Training, Self-Esteem, Spiritual Concerns, Stress Management, relocation/aliyah adjustment, cross cultural relationships, mid life issues, issues related to aging parents


Children (ages 0-16), Adolescence (ages 16-21), Adults, Couples, Families, Women, Geriatric, Gay Women or Men


Family of Origin/Multigeneration Therapy
Cognitive Behavioural (CBT)
Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
Mindfulness Skills
Gestalt Therapy
Therapeutic Recreation: Expressive Arts, Journaling and Play Therapy