Machon Dvir - The Dvir Institute
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  • 16 Derech Beit Lechem
  • Jerusalem
  • 9310923
Machon Dvir - The Dvir Institute
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  • 16 Derech Beit Lechem
  • Jerusalem
  • 9310923


The Machon Dvir Institute is a Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) based service in Israel that provides treatment for all aspects of emotional dysregulation, impulsive, addictive and self-harming behaviors, and dysregulated eating. Such diagnoses include (but are not limited to) borderline and dependent personality disorders, complex PTSD, severe depression, anxiety and OCD. It caters for young English-speaking adults in the Jerusalem area.

Machon Dvir is led by the current joint head of Psychiatry at Hadassah University Hospital - Mt. Scopus, Dr. Shmuel Harris MD, and DBT expert Dr. Tzachi Fried PhD, together with Senior Clinician, Heather�Moshel LCSW. Members of staff already work closely with many English-speaking institutions including Yeshivot, Seminaries, Kollelim and schools throughout Jerusalem.

The goal of Machon Dvir is to ensure that clients with complex emotional and behavioral issues get the support that they require, ensuring that they thrive during their time in Israel. Individual and group therapy along with medical management is provided by an integrated, multidisciplinary team comprising a psychiatrist, a psychologist and a social worker. All group therapy is gender separate.

Treatment begins with a comprehensive psychiatric and psychological intake, including an in-depth history, risk assessment, the use of questionnaires and scales to establish baseline functioning and monitor progress, and following team consultation, the development of a specific treatment plan and goals for each client.

The treating team will make recommendations regarding individual and group DBT therapy, deciding which of the following treatment programs (if any) is most suited to the client's needs:


Machon Dvir's low-intensity DBT program runs throughout the year and involves one 2-hour group session each week and 1-2 hours of weekly individual therapy (provided within or outside the service).

This low-intensity program is best suited for clients who are generally able to function but still experience challenges in managing their emotions. As such, they would benefit from an integrated team approach involving both individual and group DBT components. The goal of the low intensity program is to provide a cohesive framework within which the client will acquire important emotional regulation skills that will allow them to function more effectively. Contact us to find out about our current Low-Intensity DBT Program.


Machon Dvir offers a high-intensity, 8-week DBT program with two 3-hour group sessions each week and 1-2 hours of weekly individual therapy, as well as psychiatric follow-up during and on completion of the program.

This high-intensity program is best suited for clients who are struggling with significant difficulties regulating their emotions and behavior (including self-harming behaviors) which is affecting their ability to function effectively. The goal of the high intensity program is to provide a more structured and supportive framework for those clients who require intensive DBT treatment while in Israel, in order to help them acquire the necessary skills for effective functioning. Contact us to find out about our next High-Intensity DBT Programs.


Machon Dvir also offers an individualized psychological and psychiatric support for those clients who would benefit from the involvement of a multi-disciplinary, integrated team in their evaluation and treatment, with or without the group therapy component. Feel free to contact us without obligation and in complete confidence if you would like to discuss an individual case.


Participants in the program will have access to the latest behavioral health applications, which will enable them to complete regular questionnaires, either using the app on their smartphone or by email. This will enable the treating team to regularly monitor participants between sessions.


By working closely with our clients referring clinicians, Machon Dvir can provide effective and timely intervention, and facilitate communication with family and school, in order to provide continuity of care. With the client's permission, we are happy to talk with treating physicians and therapists in Israel and back home. This model is consistent with best international medical practice standards.


Addictions, Substance Abuse, Eating Disorders


Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Group Therapy



Hebrew, English

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Men and Women


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We are familiar with the terms of standard Medical Insurance policies and may be able to advise you on the best way to cover the costs of psychological treatment in Israel.