Zoom Group For Male Victims of Sexual Abuse
Zoom Group For Male Victims of Sexual Abuse


START DATE: 16-Apr-2023

END DATE: 16-Apr-2024


Josh Mark, PhD


Male survivors of sexual abuse and violation


The Healing Project For Men

A Group For Male Survivors Of Sexual Abuse

Starting April 16, '23!

Have you been sexually abused? 

Do you feel sexually victimized? 

Are you seeking a warm, supportive space to understand what has happened and to find new ways forward?

Join Rabbi Dr. Joshua Mark, Phd as we all find answers, support, and encouragement as we take back the innocence and power that is rightly ours. 

Meetings will be conducted virtually via Zoom and phone.

The aim of the group is healing and empowerment, to live fully and no longer under the shadow of violation.

The format will be a 'combo' of education and support.

EDUCATION: As sexual abuse creates a near unfathomable vortex of confusions and false selves, it's helpful to learn the symptoms of traumatization as well as the inner topography of trauma, and ways out of hell.

SUPPORT:  The mutual support that we all need to acknowledge the wounds and to get the courage to heal.

Sessions will either meet weekly or biweekly depending on what participants want.

The sessions will take place on Zoom.

Instead of charging a per session fee, I'll be charging a monthly fee of 120 NIS per month.

(I will be meeting individually 'virtually' with all prospective participants to make sure we're a good fit.)