'Connection Relation' Group

START DATE: 01/11/2017

END DATE: 01/11/2018


Do you find social interactions difficult?
Having trouble getting into or staying in a healthy relationship?
Is opening up to others challenging?
Do you tend to get into pointless interpersonal conflicts?
Feel loanly or misunderstood often?

You are not alone. These problems are fairly common and have to do with difficulties with interpersonal connections and relationships. One of the more useful ways of treating these difficulties is through a therapy group designed to help it’s members understand their interpersonal difficulties, and work on them live with the protective security of the group and it’s facilitator. As opposed to private therapy, in group therapy interactions between the members are inevitable, as are the tendencies of each member to interact. This allows a careful and safe arena to discover and improve interpersonal relationships.

This group is based on Yalom’s group theory as well as Adlerian therapy and the AIP theory of tharaupics taken from EMDR. Members learn about themselves and how to interact, observe themselves, understand how and why they interact the way they do and learn to understand themselves and others on a deaper level.

About the facilitator:
Yoni Elkins holds a Masters Degree in Social Work, and worked as a mental health officer in the IDF for 5 years treating anxiety, depression, post tauma, adjustment disorder, social anxiety and social difficulties of many types. He is an accredited EMDR practitioner from EMDR Europe and a consultant in training. He worked in the Ksharim Center for treatment of addictions as a private and group therapist where he developed an EMDR protocol for treating addictions as well as a unique format for group therapy that has been proven to help improve members interpersonal relationships and as well as each member’s self esteem.

Yoni may be reached by phone at 054-7896328 or by email: [email protected]

Last Updated: October 16, 2017


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Yoni Elkins