Justin Resnick MA, PhD



Dr. Justin Resnick brings a PhD in clinical psychology and a certificate in Marital and Family Therapy based on a Strengths-Resiliency model. In addition, he is completing a specialization in Educational Psychology in Israel and works part-time in the Jerusalem Municipal Schools.

Justin is a gifted couples therapist, who regularly teaches a Strengths-Based Couple Therapy approach which he developed. He is known for his brief couples intervention (1-3 sessions) for those couples who are unsure if they are ready to commit to couples therapy, as well as for couples in acute conflict. This brief intervention is consistently described by clients as being deeply affirming and moving, educational and powerfully reconnecting  even for couples who have experienced long periods of alienation.

Justin has worked extensively with men and boys who struggle to express their emotions, struggle to manage anger, lack motivation and suffer from depression or low self-confidence. He works with school-age and teenage boys, as well as men of all ages.

Dr. Resnick also coaches parents on parenting issues, including children who are challenging, sensitive and defiant, as well as those with emotional regulation and sensory issues. Among the various approaches he uses to guide parents, Justin has studied the AYEKA Parent Guidance Method for five years, a breakthrough approach for helping children and teens who have failed to respond to therapy or refuse to participate in therapy, and children with volatile and out of control behavior, stealing, aggression and school refusal. Dr. Resnick is also familiar with the school system and learning issues, and is comfortable interfacing with school staff.

All of Dr. Resnick's work aims to be strengths-based, affirming, connected to intuition and body, and emotionally direct. He works extensively with HAREDI COUPLES as well as orthodox and nonreligious families, and works fluently in HEBREW and in ENGLISH.


  • Education:

    Loyola University Chicago

  • Year of Graduation:


  • Years in Practice:


  • License No.:

    071006526/Illinois (Licensed Clinical Psychologist)

Additional Credentials:

Israel Registered Psychologist 27-86090 Nov 17 2008
Certificate in Marital and Family Therapy, Chicago Center for Family Health, June 5, 2005


  • Average cost per session

    250-350 NIS

  • Insurance


  • Discounts Available

    Sliding Scale, Free Consultation


Telephone Counseling, Online Therapy

  • El Halev (Talpiot)
  • Poalei Tsedek 2
  • Jerusalem

  • Path Center (Givat Shaul)
  • Shatner 7
  • Jerusalem


Autism Spectrum, Conduct Disorder, Family Issues, Learning Disabilities, Parenting Issues / Training, Sexual Abuse / Rape, Trauma / Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD



Children (ages 0-16), Adolescence (ages 16-21), Adults, Couples, Families, Men, Women


Hebrew, English


Emotion-Focused Therapy
Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT)
Psychodynamic Therapy, Strengths-Based Couples Therapy, Ayeka Parenting


Hadrachat Horim, Individual Therapy