Debbie Amichai MSC

Certified Couples and Family Therapist, Employment Coach


I am a therapist with nearly 25 years of experience. I specialize in seeing couples, individuals and families including those with employment issues. I work to empower my clients, and show them that they have more choices and opportunities than they may realize and to work out what would make them happier.  My office has a warm, non-judgmental atmosphere. I work very much in the present, while taking into account the family background of my clients and how that is influencing their present day choices and behaviour and when appropriate I teach practical skills, for example how to listen, or how to argue effectively, instead of viciously, and how to hold a discussion. I often give clients skills to practice at home.
My client base is divided into 5 main areas, often with some overlap.

Couples- I see all couples and specialize in couples where one or both has issues with adult ADD or ADHD and it's influence on the relationship. I am also a sexual adviser and will work with couples on intimacy issues, I also work with the couple to see how far the internet , particularly their smartphones are impeding their intimacy and happiness

Families and Parental Advice- I may well see the family at home depending on the age of the children. Here we will work on better functioning, appropriate boundaries and greater happiness for all members.

Individuals- As with all clients we work together to see what is preventing them reaching their goals and dreams, and then work out ways to get there

Employment Counseling- my clients are frequently, but not only olim, who are experiencing difficulties integrating into the Israeli job culture. We examine their aims and I give practical skills including CV writing and interview practice.

Abused Women- I have a lot of experience in working with women who are physically and emotionally abused.
We work on empowerment and practical options, as well as greater understanding of her individual case.


  • Education:

    Oxford University UK

  • Year of Graduation:


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Additional Credentials:

Accredited Couple%27s and family therapist 2013- (Shiluv- couples and family therapy Centre) Member of the Israel Association of Couples and Family Therapists


  • Average cost per session

    250-350 NIS

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  • Discounts Available

    Discounts on request


Telephone Counseling

  • Merkaz Edna
  • El Halev
  • 2 Poale Tzedek
  • Talpiot
  • Jerusalem
  • 91530

  • 15 Yehuda Margoza Street
  • Jaffa
  • Tel Aviv-Jaffa
  • 6813611


Abuse, Adjustments, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Divorce / Custody, Domestic Violence, Executive / Career / Life Coaching, Family Issues, Marital Counseling, Parenting Issues / Training, Self-Esteem, Sexual Issues, Vocational Counseling



Adults, Couples, Families, Men, Women, Other


Hebrew, English


systems approach