Abby Weisz MA, MSW

Clinical Social Worker


Only YOU can affect change in your life. I work as an individual psychotherapist and as an intimacy counselor and educator in order to assist and support you on your personal journey. I come from a strength based perspective and try to understand with you, how to utilize your strengths and challenges to your advantage in your life. I employ a range of diverse therapeutic modalities, based on your comfort zone and the approach that works for you. In essence, we work as a team, guiding each other on the topic of YOU.

Sexuality and Intimacy have become a focus in my work due to the understanding that in today’s day and age, there is much talk surrounding ‘sexuality’ but there are not many clear avenues to address the issues, specifically within in the Orthodox/ Dati community. I do a lot of intimacy education, developing healthy and positive messages about the body, pleasure, and intimate relations. Primarily couples come in together, but there is the option for one on one work as well.

Often, the couple not only gains insight into their intimate life, but also into the dynamics of their emotional relationship. The two are inherently linked. In couple’s work, we develop the ability to hear each other and understand each other’s needs; both physical and emotional. We understand together how the two are connected and effect one another in the day to day of relationships. Often, the physical challenges a couple faces mirror certain challenges in the emotional relationship as well. I am also able to address specific challenges in intimacy that an individual or couple may be facing.

Sexual Orientation: Sexuality is complex for most individuals. I have experience in navigating the challenges faced by one who is struggling with gender identity, or sexual identity. No judgement, and with full acceptance.

I work with couples across the age range, religious spectrum and range of sexual orientation. I truly believe in people’s capacity to evolve and make changes in their life. It requires fortitude and determination for an individual or a couple to go to therapy AND to do the work required to make those changes. After meeting three times, together we create a series of goals based on your needs. Sex therapy in particular requires a series of ‘at home requirements’. We track the progress of the goals at a pace that works for you (and your partner). The work is not always easy, but from what I have seen, it is always worth it. And to that end, I look forward to meeting you.
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Fordham Graduate School of Social Service

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Certificate Training in Individual and Family Therapy - 2015
Bar Ilan Sex Therapy Certification - 2017


Average cost per session
250-350 NIS


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Special Rate for New Olim, Sliding Scale, Free Consultation, Student Discount, Lone Soldier Discount



Last Updated: August 31, 2018


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Depression, Family Issues, Gender Identity Concerns, Infertility, Life Transitions, Marital Counseling, Parenting Issues / Training, Postpartum Depression, Self-Esteem, Sex Therapy, Sexual Abuse / Rape, Sexual Issues, Vocational Counseling


Adults, Couples, Families, Women
Hebrew, English


Strength Based Narrative Therapy
Family Systems
CBT Tools
Couples Therapy
Sex Therapy