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Doing Therapy with their Eyes Closed - Effective Use of Visualization in Treatment
By: Susan Heitler, PhD
Date: November 8, 2020
Time: 18:30 - 21:30 IST
11:30-14:30 EST
Location: Online

When therapy clients close their eyes, they can see more. That is, they can gain rapid access to their subconscious concerns in the problems that trouble them. Closed eyes also can give them access to the deeper, often childhood, roots of their current emotional and behavioral reactions.

This workshop, which will include interactive role-playing to practice the treatment methods, will teach visualization techniques for treatment of:

a. Counter-productively strong negative emotional reactions that arise either within a treatment session or in daily life

b. Depression

c. Anxiety

d. Anger

e. Counter-productive behaviors, including addictions

f. Couples' negative cyclic interactions

Dr. Heitler delineates her  Bump Theory of negative emotional responses—the theoretical basis for the techniques she will teach in this workshop— and also details the steps for doing each visualization in her books  From Conflict to Resolution and   Prescriptions Without Pills.  Her website offers short video illustrations of the treatment methods.

By completing this workshop, participants will be able:

1. To explain to clients why they are experiencing negative emotions and why visualization treatment methods work by showing them the Heitler Hand Map which illustrates Bump Theory.

2. To utilize visualization interventions for treatment of depression (the 3 P’s), of anxiety (the Concerns Dump), and of anger (Best Possible Light).

3. To quickly pinpoint the earlier-in-life experiences that are yielding current dysfunctional emotions and behaviors via the visualization technique called That Was Then; This Is Now.


Dr. Dani Kahn