Israel Chaim Kalman MS

School Psychologist, Bullying Specialist


The most common complaint that people have is how others treat them. They don’t understand how people, especially ones who are close to them, can be so routinely mean to them even though they make it clear they don’t like the way they are being treated. The Bullies to Buddies Golden Rule System I have developed is a quick, fun and powerful approach for teaching almost anyone why others – schoolmates, colleagues, family members, spouses – are abusive towards them and how to get them to treat them better. Most people see results after the first session and many problems are resolved to clients’ satisfaction in a few sessions. I can also help organizations, including schools and companies create more harmonious and productive environments.

I can help with the following:

  • School bullying
  • Marital strife
  • Workplace bullying/conflicts
  • Sibling rivalry
  • Defiant children
  • Anxiety/Panic attacks

Since 2002, I have been intensively involved in training other mental health professionals in my approach and in producing books and training materials. Numerous professional conferences in the US and abroad have booked me for keynotes and workshops. Via Cross Country Education (now Vyne Education), one of America’s leading providers of continuing education for mental health professionals, I have presented around 1,000 full-day (6-hour) seminars attended by around 50,000 professionals, and those using my methods are experiencing great success. Here in Israel, I have been working with Taazumot, an educational consulting company based in Yad Binyamin, training school staff throughout the country in my approach to reducing bullying and aggression.


Hahnemann University

Year of Graduation:

Years in Practice:

Registration in Pinkas Hapsichologim:

Additional Credentials:

New York City Licensed School Psychologist 2003 (not current)
Nationally Certified School Psychologist (USA), 1990
BS, Psychology, CCNY (College of the City of New York), 1974


Average cost per session
350-500 NIS


Discounts Available
Sliding Scale, Free Consultation


Telephone Counseling, Skype


How Kids Can Handle Ridicule by Sabras

April 27, 2017

the great majority of what’s called bullying today is verbal – insults. And even most physical fights begin with words; one child insults another, the insulted child gets angry, and before you know it fists are flying. So if kids know how to handle insults, more serious aggression is usually averted.

The most tempting way for Israeli children to bully immigrants is to make fun of their accents. While we may think this is evil on their part, we should realize that it is normal human behavior. When we hear others speak our language poorly and with heavy accents, we also find it funny. By adulthood, most of us have learned to appreciate that foreigners do not deserve to be laughed at for the way they speak, but children are more likely to succumb to their gut instincts and laugh at those who sound strange.

The “Dirty Little Secret” About Bullying in School

April 18, 2017

Is your child being bullied in school? Have you done as you’ve been told, and reported the problem to the school authorities? And is the problem continuing or even getting worse?

It is no secret that being bullied is an agonizing experience for children. It hurts their self-esteem, mood, popularity and academic functioning. It can even hurt their physical health.

It is also well known that newcomers to a school are especially likely to be picked on. When students come from a different country, the problem can be exponentially worse. As much as we love Israel, we know how prickly “Sabras” – especially children – can be. Many Anglo families are devastated by the humiliation their children experience at the hands of their classmates. Avoidance of bullying has become a major reason for homeschooling throughout the world. In Israel, it has even led some families to give up on Aliyah and return to their country of origin.

Last Updated: May 8, 2018


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Abuse, Anxiety / Panic, Behavioral Issues, Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, Executive / Career / Life Coaching, Family Issues, Marital Counseling, Parenting Issues / Training, Self-Esteem, Self-Harm / Suicide, Bullying


Children (ages 0-16), Adolescence (ages 16-21), Adults, Couples, Families, Men, Women
Hebrew, English, Yiddish


Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy/Cognitive Behavior Therapy
Drama Therapy
Adlerian Therapy