Zara Calvente-Chazanoff MSW

Career/Vocational Counselor, Clinical Social Worker

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  • Accessible from Central Bus Station
  • & light rail
  • Jerusalem
Zara Calvente-Chazanoff MSW

Career/Vocational Counselor, Clinical Social Worker

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  • Accessible from Central Bus Station
  • & light rail
  • Jerusalem


Since 2009, I have helped hundreds of unemployed and underemployed Israelis from many backgrounds and all fields to find work and advance their careers.

Whether you are new to the Israeli job market or are interested in transitioning to a more lucrative and satisfying career, I offer guidance and full professional support.

Many job seekers reach out to a professional in order to optimize a CV, to learn how to best market themselves in competitive fields, to improve their interview and negotiation skills and more.

My counseling sessions are tailored to meet your specific needs and to prepare you for optimal goal attainment.  Any  issues arising in sessions that may affect your employment future can be confronted and treated as part of the process.

How It Works:

After an initial intake session (where we meet and decide whether to proceed), I usually conduct evaluations of your strengths, skill sets and values. An analysis of the results enables you to select enjoyable career options at which you are most likely to excel.

(If you have recently undergone professional evaluations, we incorporate the results and move on from there.)

From the beginning, we take into account all challenges --such as learning disabilities, medical diagnoses, handicaps, trauma and self-esteem issues-- likely to impact one's employability.

If it's clear that certain difficulties are likely to remain constant, we accept the challenges and find ways to build a suitable career in spite of them.

I empower my clients to achieve successes and to grow at their own pace.

Between sessions, I give follow-up "homework" to ensure that you are always moving closer to your objectives.

Central to my unique employment counseling approach is the process of writing high quality, targeted CVs. An optimized CV is an essential marketing tool.  All of my clients enter the job market with a new awareness of their professional selves in addition to an appreciation for a well written document!

If you are motivated to work toward your life goals, I look forward to accompanying you throughout the process. This is an opportunity to pursue your dream job.

Regardless of why you may be feeling stuck or overwhelmed, together we  will  discover your untapped strengths, enabling you to overcome the obstacles in your path and SUCCEED!

My Background:

I made aliyah in 1982 with a B.A. in Communication and Legal Studies. (When I became the director of an international student organization, I was impelled to develop professional diagnostic skills; hence, my MSW.)

After qualifying as a social worker, I gained expertise in short-term crisis and trauma treatment. I worked at the Jerusalem Municipal Center for Crisis Situations and the shelter for teenage girls in distress. I also set up a Citizens' Advice Bureau branch under the auspices of the Welfare Ministry.

Why is this pertinent to my current work? Many individuals experience crises and find it difficult to make a living in Israel or to achieve their dream careers.

If you have fallen between the cracks or face particular challenges, consulting an expert who understands your situation can change your life! 

Focus on realizing meaningful goals in your life, and you will find your passion.

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  • Education:

    Wurzweiler School of Social Work, YU

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    37668 Registered Social Worker in Israel


  • Average cost per session

    350-500 NIS

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Executive / Career / Life Coaching
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Life Transitions
Stress Management
Trauma / Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD
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Person-Centered Therapy (Rogerian Therapy)
Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT)
Eclectic approach


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