Join Get Help Israel

Our goal is to provide access to qualified mental health and educational professionals to people who are seeking help.  In order to achieve this goal, we need professionals like you to join us in our mission.

Our Mission:

  1. Educate the public about the benefits of mental health assessment and treatment, different therapeutic orientations and approaches, and provide guidance through blogs/articles from specialists on topics related to leading mentally and emotionally healthy lives.
  2. Encourage people to seek help by providing them with an easy to use and reliable resource for locating the best help for each individual.
  3. Address and challenge the stigma surrounding mental illness and learning disabilities that may be preventing people from getting help.
  4. Create a community of Anglo mental health and educational (and related) professionals in Israel, who comply with principles of ethical practice.  As a collaborative force, we are able to achieve Get Help Israel‘s mission and have a tremendous impact on the mental and emotional wellbeing of the population in Israel.

Requirements to Join Get Help Israel

For Mental Health Professionals

  • Mental Health professional (Psychiatrist, Therapist, Psychologist, Counselor, Life Coach, Social Worker) with graduate level training in the mental health field OR facility (inpatient/outpatient treatment facility for addictions, eating disorders, dual diagnosis, or psychiatric disorders).
  • Once approved by GHI, you will receive an email with the membership packages; you may choose the one that meets your individual professional needs.  You may contact us at [email protected] to discuss membership and pricing.

For Educational and Related Professionals

  • Trained educational or related professional (learning disability specialists, reading specialists, speech-language therapists, occupational therapists, remedial teachers, certified ABA specialists/behavior analysts, and others that assist individuals succeed in the education system OR a school that accommodate students with special-education needs
  • Once approved by GHI, you will receive an email with the membership packages; you may choose the one that meets your individual professional needs.  You may contact us at [email protected] to discuss membership and pricing.


We would like to invite you to join us and become a member of the fastest growing network of English-speaking mental health and educational professionals in Israel.  Please complete this form and we will get back to you shortly.

“In the stigmatized area of psychological/psychiatric disorder, I find being a professional member of a mental health community to be essential. Get Help Israel is an invaluable resource for finding a therapist or psychiatrist for yourself or for referral of a client/patient.”
~ Yehuda Oppenheim, MD (Psychiatrist)

“Thank you Get Help Israel for creating a wonderful community for any coach, therapist, or psychiatrist. Get Help Israel brings together trained professionals for continuing education, networking and mutual support. In addition, in only a year since its inception ,GHI has already helped match many people in need with excellent practitioners. I am proud to be a part of the GHI community.”
~ Leah Gniwesch, PhD (Life Coach, Founder of The Jerusalem Coaching Institute)

“As a psychotherapist working in private practice, GHI provides me with a sense of belonging to a competent group of professionals who are trained in the various modalities associated with mental health. It allows me to have easy access to others who have expertise in the various adjunct roles that comprise a complete, multidisciplinary approach for mental wellbeing, thus providing resources for referrals and complementary support for my clients. Furthermore, I feel especially good about being part of an initiative whose primary function is to provide, at the click of a button, invaluable information for people struggling and searching for help, within the safety and comfort of their home. I am proud to be associated with this empowering tool that can reach so many and help them choose a clinician that feels like a good fit for them.”
~ Lisa Sanders, MSC (Therapist)

 Why become a member of Get Help Israel?

Join a Community

Having a private practice can be quite isolating, especially in Israel, where the system is different.  GHI members reported that prior to joining Get Help Israel, they had difficulty finding clear answers to their questions, finding resources for their clients, and/or getting clear guidance on ethical and legal matters pertaining to practicing in Israel.   Get Help Israel unites mental health and educational professionals to be part of a strong and dynamic community.  You will have access to asking industry related questions from seasoned therapists and education specialists who serve on the board of advisors, opportunities to attend networking events, receive industry news and updates such as upcoming conferences, trainings, international speakers, latest research, and more.

Become Associated with a Reputable Organization in the Industry

Get Help Israel ensures that its members have proper training in their area of specialty.  This is achieved by screening the applicants before they join and checking that they meet the requirements stated above.  GHI also checks its members’ credentials and provides a verification stamp on their profile. The stamp informs clients that the qualifications stated on each professional’s profile have been checked to be true and accurate.  Get Help Israel has gained the support of organizations, institutions, and associations in the mental health industry.  By becoming a member, you become associated with everything for which Get Help Israel stands.

Exposure to Clients

Get Help Israel has thousands of monthly visitors to the site, and word continues to spread as users find value in using the GHI resource.  Our standard is well regarded by organizations such as Nefesh B’Nefesh, AACI, and YU Israel.  They use Get Help Israel as the reputable and trusted resource when the need arises to make a referral for mental health services. GHI’s first edition of the printed directory of English-speaking mental health professionals launched in 2017, and was distributed among GHI’s members, misradei haklitah, organizations, and other sources of referrals.  To download a copy of the printed directory, please click here.

Publication Opportunities

Thousands of readers visit Get Help Israel to read blogs written by GHI members.  Each blog links to the author’s professional profile and is an additional tool to help members show their knowledge on topics in which they specialize.  Members who publish quality blogs have increased traffic to their profile.  Additionally, top blogs are featured in monthly newsletters to thousands of subscribers and published on social media.

Continuing Education / Courses / Workshops

Get Help Israel offers quality CE opportunities at significantly reduced rates or free of charge, exclusively to GHI members.  For a list of upcoming trainings, please click here.  Additionally, Get Help Israel’s collaborators such as the EMDR Institute of Israel and the International Trauma-Healing Institute, offer certified trainings at reduced rates for GHI members.  These trainings enrich our members’ toolbox with evidence-based and up-to-date techniques.

By joining Get Help Israel, you are taking an important step toward your professional success.  Please contact GHI with any questions, concerns, comments, or suggestions.