Below is a list of organizations that provide subsidized mental health or social services in Israel. You may sort your search by any of the columns by clicking on the title of the column.

Magen PREVENT abuse through education and awareness
2. SUPPORT victims and their families.
3. PROTECT children from risks posed by alleged perpetrators within communities.
Beit Shemesh
The Counseling Center for Women services for womenJerusalem, Ramat Gan
Tahel, ChildrenCrisis Center for Women and Children - 24 hr hotline for emotional support and crisis intervention and referral services for treatment; personal support and advocacy; abuse prevention workshopsJerusalem
Yad L'Achim immigrants, Jews at risk for assimilation, womenFights threat of missionaries and cults; helps Jewish women married to Arab men that have no way of getting out of the relationship. They launch military-like operations to get the women out of the Arab villages and puts them up in safe houses.Kiryat Shmonah
Kol Koreh with dyslexia, speech and language disorders, and other specific learning disabilities. Founded by parents and professionals in the greater Bet Shemesh area; seeks to empower children with dyslexia, speech and language
disorders, and other specific learning disabilities with the tools to succeed in the classroom and
Beit Shemesh
Kol Haisha (KHI) HaIsha (KHI) is a women's empowerment organization in Jerusalem addressing the social and economic inequality of women in Israeli societyJerusalem
Kav L'Noar ages 10-18 and their families, and young adults over 18 Kav L’Noar provides therapy and mentoring for adolescents and their families who are confronting challenges that include family discord, poor school performance, aliyah adjustment, social issues, religious issues, abuse related trauma, depression and anxiety. Our professionally trained therapists offer comprehensive and culturally sensitive services in English or in Hebrew. Services include individual, marital and family therapy, individual mentoring, school group mentoring, community education lectures, parenting workshops and psycho-educational activities for teenagers. All of our services and programs are offered on a sliding-fee scale.Jerusalem and surrounding areas
Nitza - The Israel Center for Mental Health with postpartum depression and their families Women with PPD receive various mental health services; there are also programs for their children and classes for husbands, some programs include Nitza trained volunteers and professionals coming to the homes of the Nitza clients. Other services include massage therapists and nutritionists at the Nitza office giving one on one therapy and advice to each mother.All areas of Israel
Zichron Menachem cancer patients; also provides support for the patients' familiesGrants immediate, practical and long-term aid and solutions to young cancer patients from the moment of diagnosis and throughout their battle with illness, as well as physical and emotional support to parents and families throughout the long, excruciating ordeal.Afula, Be’er Sheva, Haifa, Holon, Jerusalem, Rechovot, Tel Aviv
Bishvilaych health for women at no cost; focused on prevention-based medical care and health promotion for Jewish womenJerusalem
Neve Family Institute - Machon L’Mishpacha Counseling Center, Women, Children, Adolescents, FamiliesFull range of counseling services to members of the Orthodox community at low, subsidized feesJerusalem
The Eden Center and healthy relationships, Infertility and miscarriage, Body image, Sexual, physical and mental abuse, Women’s healthJerusalem
Enosh, Women and Children with mental illness and their familiesVariety of social rehabilitation frameworks that enable the mentally ill to live independently in the community and that reduce the need for psychiatric hospitalization. 53 branches throughout Israel
Chazkeinuwebsite coming soonWomen with mental illnessChazkeinu is a new peer led mental health support group for Jewish women dealing with any mental illness or the mental illness of a loved one. At the moment, we have two calls a week for women to gain the support of others in this otherwise lonely illness. One call is in the afternoon to be more available to international callers. To dial in to either call, dial 605-475-4000 and use access code 952819. For more information, please email or call 314-346-7414. Telephone based support, worldwide.
Hakshiva and their familiesHakshiva runs a non-profit therapy program in Ramat Beit Shemesh for the past five years for teens and their families. Our therapists are professionally-trained and members of the religious community with whom we work.
Our clinic offers individual therapy, family therapy and parenting guidance at subsidized rates for both English and Hebrew speakers. In addition, we run parenting workshops and teen social skills groups.
Ramat Beit Shemesh (RBS)
PATH CenterPath Center yeshiva and seminary students; men, women, and childrenTrainees of the PATH training program offer subsidized therapyTalpiot, Jerusalem
The Jerusalem Narrative Therapy Institute
Jerusalem Narrative Therapy Institute
Adults, couples, children, familiesMarital and individual counselingJeruslam, Modiin, skype
SHEKEL- Therapeutic Treatment CenterSHEKELchildren, young adults, and adults with special needs Provide therapy for children, young adults, and adults with special needs; counseling also provided for parents and staff Jerusalem
Ezer Mizon - Mental Health ServicesEzer Mizionchildren, young adults, adultsPsychological support services and rehabilitative programs for people suffering from psychological disorders, emotional issues and mental illnesses. Bnei Brak
Bayit ChamBayit Chamadults and children10 mental health clinics throughout Israel, providing therapy to adults and children facing psychological and emotional challenges; treatment for abuse for women and childrenAriel, Ashdod, Beit Shemesh, Bnei Brak, Elad, Jerusalem, Greater Modiin, Karnei Shomron, Kedumim and Zichron Yaakov
AmchaAmchaHolocaust survivorsFull range of psychological and social services to Holocaust survivors and their families; Ashdod
Yad Rachel and parentsTherapeutic services for children - Jerusalem, Merkaz (center), and Northern Israel
NEABPD Israel of those suffering from severe emotional dysregulation and/or BPDOffers family of those suffering from severe emotional dysregulation and/or Borderline Personality Disorder, a free twelve-session course (Family Connections) that provides information about the disorder and teaches skills to help families cope with the situation they find themselves in. Jerusalem
Merkaz Panim facing challenges with fertility Holistic approach including counseling sessions with a social worker specializing in the field of fertility,
,דמיון מודרך
body empowerment through physical training, yoga and movement therapy
Keren Gefen facing challenges with fertilityPsychological support at no cost, as well as yoga, relaxation and stress management programs.Jerusalem, Beit Shemesh
Merkaz Yahel dealing with challenges in their marriageCouples counseling, education regarding sexuality and intimacy in the Jewish communityAll over Israel
Puah Institute facing challenges with fertility Counseling services in many languages
Shalva with disabilities from infancy to adulthoodShalva, the Israel Association for the Care and Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities is dedicated to providing transformative care for individuals with disabilities, empowering their families and promoting social inclusion.Jerusalem
Shutaf and teensShutaf programs are designed for the diverse needs of children with disabilities, including ADD, ADHD, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Learning Disabilities and general developmental delays, while still being a program that can be enjoyed by their peers who don’t have disabilities.

WIZO, children, and youthWIZO was founded in 1920 in direct response to the needs of women and children in Israel.
Today, WIZO continues to identify the needs of Israeli society and creates solutions
to meet them. WIZO offers programs for women's empowerment, legal aid walk in centers, support groups for single parents, battered women's shelters, centers for the prevention of violence, day care centers, after school therapeutic centers, youth centers, special schools for youth at extreme risk, programs for girls empowerment.
Tel Aviv