Ronnie Dunetz

Life Coach


Hi, pleased to “e-meet you” here and look forward to talking to you! If you are totally passionate about accessing and leveraging your great potential to make this life all it can be for you, life coaching is a great way to go and having a coach to partner with you on this journey can be the key to making it happen…

A major theme that I specialize in is “Change” and “Making Change Work for You”. Change is inevitable at all stages of life, to learn to change well is about knowing how to tap into your strengths and passions in a structured, empowering and practical way. The types of change that I can help you leverage to get where you want to go:

  • Career (choosing, changing, towards or post-retirement, following recovery from illness, re-kindling the flame of the current career, etc.)
  • Connecting to passion (health, activity, meaning, self-development, community, etc.)
  • Helping with decisions (great support facilitates good decisions)
  • Building relationships (improving communication, bonds, networks, links, etc.)
  • Entrepreneurship (strengthening the “soft side” of going out on your own, running your business)
  • Relocation (dealing successfully with great shifts in your life, including cross-cultural)
  • Anything else that is in line with “It is never too late to be what you might have been”- George Eliot.


I have worked with over 500 clients and over 5000 coaching hours.

I have lived, worked and studied for 5 years in East Asia and have adopted many tools and insights into my coaching practice that emanate from the philosophical, psychological and cultural treasures of the East.

I hold a black-belt in the martial art of Aikido and advanced level training in internal Chinese martial arts.


Coach Me College (CME)

Year of Graduation:

Years in Practice:

Additional Credentials:

MBA - Thunderbird School of Global Management 1989
Business and Life Coaching Certification- March, 2004
Human Resources Management diploma- 1999
Eastern Philosophy and Psychology- 2008


Average cost per session
350-500 NIS


Discounts Available
Free Consultation


Telephone Counseling, Skype


How Taking Action Leads to Transformation

July 17, 2017

Action is at the core of the coaching modality, I would call it more “purposeful action”, because taking action is part of the overall change process, which coaching can be very effective in. Why is this? Why is taking action so essential in transformation and processes?

The difference between thinking about something and doing something about it is not at all trivial. We all have been there before- sitting on top of that fence, considering our possibilities, analyzing the heck out of every option- some of us can be there for years. It is only when we produce motion in a direction that we allow for the “universe” to hop in and give us a hand with some clarification.

Coaching: Should I or Shouldn’t I?

June 10, 2017

As a new kid on the block, life coaching as a discipline is relatively new and, as such, widely misunderstood. Many people out there who could really thrive with life coaching support don’t seem to find the coach they are looking for, this is a shame and something that needs to be amended. The reasons are diverse, they include a lack of professional accreditation, an agreement on what exactly is and is not coaching, who is capable of being a reputable coach, how is one to decide what represents “good coaching”, how is success measured as well as a plethora of strong marketing hype that creates a fog over the whole area. My intention here is to focus on the clarifying questions that will help people out there come to the conclusion that it is coaching they are looking for and not one of the other respectable modes of support offered. As in many areas of human support, there is always going to be overlap between different modalities but here are the list of ten questions that should give you a feel if it is coaching that you should be considering.

Last Updated: July 5, 2017


הטטוס 3/6
קדימה, ישראל



Executive / Career / Life Coaching, Life Transitions, Spiritual Concerns, Vocational Counseling, Life Purpose- Business Purpose coaching


Adults, Couples
Hebrew, English


Transformational Coaching
Various coaching and self-development techniques, tools and principals, including many East-West tools based on the integration of traditional Eastern philosophy in Western life.