Meir Crandall MSW

Clinical Social Worker, Life Coach, Career Counselor


Career Design Counseling Services

Looking for a career change?
Not feeling fulfilled in your current job?
Have you just finished the army/ yeshiva/ sherut leumi and want to study but need guidance?

There are a plethora of career centers that offer “evaluations” who will tell you what you should study or what job you are best suited for. No doubt that approach will attract certain people.

However, I believe in people’s ability to grow, develop and change. I’d like to help you on your path to self-discovery.
Together we can tap into your strengths, interests, dreams and help you plan the future you desire.

I earned my M.S.W from Fordham University in 1995 and have been privileged to work at a number of different social service organizations since making Aliyah over 20 years ago. I’ve had vast experience working with various populations including: children, adolescents, special needs children and adults in numerous and various settings.

My strength: Empowering my clients to maximize their potential and achieve their career/ life goals. Over the years I have expanded my skills in career counseling and coaching which has contributed to my clients’ success in realizing their dreams, aspirations and ultimate goals.


Career counseling services is comprised of 4 different aspects
1-self-awareness of the individual
2-gaining access to the outside world (higher education, job/work)
3-Offering practical skills (resume writing, interviewing, decision making etc..)
4- Connecting the dots- assisting the clients in coming up with a plan of action


“Developmental, Contextual and Broad”- Dr. Gali Cinamon, Tel Aviv University –highlighting all areas of life in the pursuit of career advancement
Narrative Perspective
Growth and strength based process in helping and guiding clients create a comprehensive career development plan
Short term (5-10 sessions)

Target Population:

Men/ Women who are looking to explore their career options or to change their career path/ or feeling stuck and unsatisfied and who are motivated to change.
Post army/ yeshiva/ sherut leumi students who are at a crossroad in life- looking to find the right schooling option/ career path

Additional Guidance offered in the following areas

• Crafting creative and functional resumes
• Interviewing preparation
• Job crafting
• Raising clients self-efficacy in the pursuit of finding gainful employment
• Decision making and time management skills
• Finding balance in all areas of life
• Identifying clients values, strengths, talents, abilities and past accomplishments in the pursuit of career development as well as leading a more fulfilling life
• Life/ career coaching

הראי” ה ( R.Kook)
“צריך שכל אדם ידע ויבין שבתוך תוכו דולק נר, ואין נרו שלו כנר חברו
ואין איש שאין לו נר. וצריך שכל איש ידע ויבין שעליו לעמול ולגלות את
אור הנר ברבים ולהדליקו לאבוקה גדולה ולהאיר את העולם כולו”


Fordham University

Year of Graduation:

Years in Practice:

License No. and State:
13586, Ministry of Labor and Welfare, Israel

Additional Credentials:

Life Coach, (BSD, Beni Gal), 2011
Developmental Career Counseling (Dr. Rachel Gali Cinamon), Tel- Aviv University, 2017 


Average cost per session
250-350 NIS


Discounts Available
Sliding Scale, Student Discount, Lone Soldier Discount


Telephone Counseling

Last Updated: November 5, 2017


Nachal Lacish 40/7
Bet Shemesh



Adjustments, Executive / Career / Life Coaching, Family Issues, Holistic, Life Transitions, Parenting Issues / Training, Self-Esteem, Vocational Counseling, Career Counseling


Adolescence (ages 16-21), Adults, Men, Women
Hebrew, English


Growth, strength based
Developmental, Contextual and Broad