Maryia Hurevich MA

Clinical Social Worker


I believe individuals, families and couples have the ability to support each other, meet each other’s needs, and, what’s really important, solve their own problems. However, sometimes circumstances arise which make this challenging. Sometimes, people lose objectivity or flexibility in their approach to solve a problem. I believe that this is when professional
assistance can make a difference. We all have our own experience of the world around us and that these experiences shape our narrative of ourselves, our relationships, and how these pieces fit together in our lives. I help clients understand these narratives and past patterns of behavior, and work to find new coping skills and solutions and provide support along the way.

My therapeutic approach is collaborative, client centered, and active. I believe the relationship between myself and a client sets the tone for therapy and is key to helping the client on a path to wellness and reaching their established goals. One of my main goals as a therapist is to provide my clients with a safe space that feels comfortable for sharing and collaboration. There is no room for judgement or bias. When working with clients I generally combine several therapeutic approaches to make sure it fits my client’s personality. I focus on helping my clients form concrete goals with a time-limited approach.

As a goal oriented person, I make it a priority to analyze and illustrate how thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are related and how they may be contributing to or causing current symptoms, as well as concrete steps to work toward changing these impacting factors.


Tel Aviv University

Year of Graduation:

Years in Practice:

Additional Credentials:

Certificate in Medical Case Management 2017


Average cost per session
250-350 NIS


Discounts Available
Special Rate for New Olim, Student Discount, LGBT


Telephone Counseling, Skype

Last Updated: December 18, 2017


Wissotsky 3
Tel Aviv



Abuse, Anxiety / Panic, Cancer / Terminal Illness, Child Abuse, Depression, Divorce / Custody, Domestic Violence, Executive / Career / Life Coaching, Family Issues, Gender Identity Concerns, Grief, Life Transitions, Marital Counseling, Trauma / Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD, Self-Esteem, Self-Harm / Suicide, Sexual Abuse / Rape, Stress Management, LGBT


Children (ages 0-16), Adults, Couples, Men, Women
English, Russian


Anger Management
Stress Management
Animal assisted therapy (in progress, no credentials)
Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)
Dream Analysis (no credentials)
Trauma Group
Exploration of Gender and Sexuality Group
Coping with grief and loss Group