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Avraham Weitz MSC

Marital and Family Therapist, Certified Couples and Family Therapist
As the director of a well-respected Jerusalem clinic, I am fortunate to meet and work with remarkably talented therapists. It is a wonderful feeling to…
City: ירושלים

Simcha Dov Wolfe MSW, LCSW

Clinical Social Worker, Sex Therapist
The goal in my practice is to help my clients feel more comfortable in addressing their sexuality and to be able to achieve the utmost…
City: Givat Shmuel Jerusalem

Andrew Freundlich PhD

Clinical Psychologist
I have been a practicing clinical psychologist in the United States for 40 years treating individuals and couples with a wide range of problems and…
City: Jerusalem

Ephraim Portnoy BSW

Social Worker
My diverse background has given me the ability to help different types of people to better understand themselves, their relationships, and their own unique way…
City: Jerusalem

Binyamin Klempner LMSW

Clinical Social Worker
I have been in practice for over ten years. My career began with a focus on in-patient recovery from addiction and trauma. Several years into…
City: Tiveria

Linda Libby LCSW

Clinical Social Worker
I am a clinical social worker and the co-founder of Alternative Solutions: A Mental Wellness Center.  Alternative Solutions started in New Jersey in 2000, and…
City: Jerusalem Tel Aviv

Phyllis Jesselson LMSW

Clinical Social Worker, Certified Sex Therapist
Although sexuality is such a great part of who we are, it often receives insufficient attention. Finding the right therapist to comfortably express needs and…
City: German Colony, Jerusalem
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Israel Chaim Kalman MS

School Psychologist, Psychotherapist
The most common complaint that people have is how others treat them. They don’t understand how people, especially ones who are close to them, can…
City: Tekoa

Yocheved Schrader MSC

Certified Couples and Family Therapist
My goal as a therapist is to have each of my clients find his or her own inner strengths and resources, recognize them, and be…
City: Chashmonaim

Jessica Lang LMFT

Marital and Family Therapist
I lived my whole life in California, with big dreams to travel around the world and to become a therapist. With my adventurous spirit and…
City: Tel Aviv

Dr. Ariel Penkower PsyD

Clinical Psychologist
If you or a loved one are struggling with any of the following... -Depression -Anxiety/Worrying too much -Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) -Low self-esteem -Perfectionism getting in…
City: Jerusalem Gush Etzion

Rachel Cohen MA

Clinical Psychologist
As a rehabilitation psychologist and neuropsychologist, I help people cope with life-changing events such as accidents, illnesses and traumas. In addition to my rehabilitation work,…
City: Jerusalem Efrat

Raphael Schondorf MSC

Certified Individual and Family Therapist, Trauma Therapist
Therapy should empower you with the tools to become your own therapist and lead a life that is more true to yourself. Offering personally tailored…
City: Modiin Illit Jerusalem

Kav L’Noar Center MEd, MA, MSW, LMSW, PsyD

Variety of Therapists, Psychologists, and Social Workers
Kav L’Noar is a private non-profit social service agency dedicated to working with adolescents and their families who are experiencing emotional and/or behavioral challenges. While…
City: Jerusalem