Fundamentals of Trauma Recovery, Part 3

Published on October 31, 2018

While extremely distressing, flashbacks are actually memories. Registering what is a memory, and what is happening now, is essential.

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Fundamentals of Trauma Recovery, Part 2

Published on October 22, 2018

You can help your brain register that you survived — you are here — to find more stability and presence in your daily life.

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Fundamentals of Trauma Recovery (Part 1)

Published on October 19, 2018

In trauma recovery, being mindful of your personal gauge will inform you what’s helpful, what is not, what soothes, what activates, what feels good, what is uncomfortable. Listening to your gauge is essential in deciding what’s the best for your recovery.

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Am I Feeling or Reacting?

Published on October 9, 2018

Learning the basics about our emotions that we were never taught. In truth, we can just sit with our feelings and reactions, and explore the triggering. We’re not obligated to react immediately, or at all.

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How A Simple Gratitude Journal Could Transform Your Life

Published on October 8, 2018

Looking for a simple, easy way to improve your outlook and transform the way you…

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Caring for the Caregiver

Published on October 3, 2018

As a clinical social worker and therapist for over 30 years and having myself been a caregiver for over 10 years, I have observed that caregiver stress is the single most underreported source of stress for people ranging from 45 until their 80’s.  While caregiving can also be a source of blessing and provide the feeling that you are doing the “right thing” for your elderly loved ones, it is tinged with a multitude of other emotions.  To your friends and family, you may not want to openly express these emotions and feelings. A trained therapist, an expert in these matters, is needed.  

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