What is Somatic Experiencing (SE) ?

Published on June 25, 2017

As a body-mind practitioner and clinical psychologist, I have found that incorporating principles of Somatic Experiencing (SE) into my practice has provided me with a whole new way of helping people move on with their lives when stressed, anxious, depressed, traumatized, or otherwise in pain (including living with chronic pain). So what then, is Somatic Experiencing, and how does it work?

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Worry! Ways to Manage Worry Instead of it Managing You – Part Two

Published on June 11, 2017

In part two of my blog, “Worry! Ways to Manage Worry Instead of it Managing You”, I am going to present to you some general recommendations and thoughts about dealing with worry.

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Coaching: Should I or Shouldn’t I?

Published on June 10, 2017

As a new kid on the block, life coaching as a discipline is relatively new and, as such, widely misunderstood. Many people out there who could really thrive with life coaching support don’t seem to find the coach they are looking for, this is a shame and something that needs to be amended. The reasons are diverse, they include a lack of professional accreditation, an agreement on what exactly is and is not coaching, who is capable of being a reputable coach, how is one to decide what represents “good coaching”, how is success measured as well as a plethora of strong marketing hype that creates a fog over the whole area. My intention here is to focus on the clarifying questions that will help people out there come to the conclusion that it is coaching they are looking for and not one of the other respectable modes of support offered. As in many areas of human support, there is always going to be overlap between different modalities but here are the list of ten questions that should give you a feel if it is coaching that you should be considering.

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