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Dr Gidon Winter MD

Assessment/Testing Specialist, Pediatric Neurologist and Neurodevelopmental Specialist
Originally from Australia, I have over 15 years experience working in pediatrics with a specialty in neurology and child development. I work with a wide…
City: Jerusalem

Lisa Grossman MEd, MA

Educational Psychologist and ADHD Coach
I am a licensed Educational Psychologist and a Behavioral Life Coach who specializes in the evaluation and treatment of learning disabilities and ADHD. I worked…
City: Raanana

Caroline Hacohen MA, PsyD

Assessment/Testing Specialist
I'm an English-Israeli educational psychologist living in Ramot, Jerusalem. I made aliyah after receiving a B.Sc and teacher's training certificate from London university, then continued…
City: Jerusalem Netanya

Dalia Yellin MSc.

Brain Vision and Development Specialist
Dalia Yellin MSc. is a certified psychotherapist and rehabilitation specialist for the MDVI (Multiple Disabilities & Visual Impairments) population. She has served as the Director…
City: Jerusalem

Lisa Kainan PhD

Remedial Teacher, Assessment/Testing Specialist
I am a psychologist and learning/attention specialist. I administer psycho-educational assessments (ivchun psycho-didacti, ivchun m'shulav).. An assessment may be initiated due to school and/or parental…
City: Jerusalem

Alyson Aviv PhD

Assessment/Testing Specialist
I am a bilingual licensed clinical psychologist and the only American board certified pediatric neuropsychologist in Israel. After relocating back to Israel from Saint Louis,…
City: רעננה

Alan Schnee PhD, BCBA-D

Certified ABA Specialist/Behavior Analyst
Dr. Schnee has been teaching children on the autism spectrum for 25 years. With these years comes meticulous attention to detail, deep understanding of what it takes…
City: jerusalem, tel aviv and sharon areas
058 566 6583