Longing and Belonging – Part 1

Published on July 27, 2017

“Sometimes I feel that you do not want to be part of the family”, Jennie says, crouching down beside her fourteen year old son David, who is sitting on the floor behind the couch immersed with his Playmobile.

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I Think My Spouse Has Asperger’s

Published on December 26, 2016

“No, he is not the reason I came. Since his diagnosis, I have learned a lot about autism, and the different forms it can take. I’ve come to talk about my husband. I believe he is also on the autistic spectrum. I believe he has Asperger syndrome.”

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Dear Tzippora – question from LA

Published on November 5, 2016

Dear Tzippora,
I have a child on the autistic spectrum whose behavior can be strange and confusing for people who are not familiar with this disorder. Yet I enjoy having guests in my home both for Shabbos meals, and as sleepover guests. I don’t want to give up hosting others in my home because of my daughter’s diagnosis, yet I don’t know how to balance the desire to have guests with the reality of my daughter’s embarrassing and unpredictable emotional outbursts.

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