National Annual Networking Event

For Mental Health and Educational Professionals

Meet hundreds of English-speaking mental health and educational professionals from all over Israel while enjoying a buffet dinner and wine at the beautiful Jerusalem Gardens Hotel. 


Get Help Israel has been bridging the gap between English-speakers in Israel and qualified professionals since 2016.  As the Association for English-speaking Mental Health Professionals, GHI unites professionals annually to strengthen the English-speaking mental health community in Israel. Our National Networking Event is unique in that it’s the only event in the mental health and education fields to have a strong focus on networking while providing an enjoyable atmosphere including a 3 course dinner, wine, music, workshops, industry-specific service providers, and more!


Program for the Evening

18:00 – 18:30 Registration

18:30 – 19:15 Keynote Speaker – Yair Amichai-Hamburger, PhD

19:15 – 21:00 Dinner*, Networking, Professional Headshots for GHI Members 

21:00 – 22:00 Workshops

22:00 – 22:30 Dessert and more networking

*Buffet dinner includes a variety of meat, chicken, fish, and vegetarian options. Kashrut: Mehadrin

The Good and the Ugly: The Psychology of Life on the Internet

Yair Amichai- Hamburger, PhD is the director of the Research Center for Internet Psychology (CIP) at IDC.  He is a prolific author and has received awards from the Library Instruction Round Table of the American Library Association and the Academy of Management for his academic articles. His research include personality, internet use and well-being, virtual teams, inter-group contact on the Internet, leadership and motivation, and conflict management in organizations.  His most recent book is titled Internet Psychology, the basics (Routledge 2017).

Gather Information – Build a Resource Folder

Dozens of organizations who provide mental health and educational services will be set up at tables at the event.  Participants will receive a resource folder in their bags, which they will use to gather information from various organizations.  By the end of the evening, each participant will have a rich resource of available services that can help clients in areas that are outside the scope of a private practice.  (If you are an organization providing mental health or educational services and would like to participate, please contact us at 02-5813333).

Representatives from Sal Shikum and Bituach Leumi offices will also be present at a table to provide information on government services and clients’ rights.  A representative from the Psychology licensing office will be available to answer questions on licensing procedures and converting degrees from abroad.

Receive a copy of GHI’s 2018 Directory of mental health and educational professionals, treatment facilities, and subsidized services.

1. Understanding the role of medications in Anxiety, Depression and ADHD (Naomi Najman, MD)

In this workshop we will discuss the various types of medication used in

  • anxiety
  • depression and
  • ADHD

We will also review the role medications can play in coordination with psychotherapy when treating these disorders.

2. Masking and Unmasking – The Symbolic Process of Our Helpmate (Robin B. Zeiger, PhD)

In this experiential workshop, participants will engage with creative work of the soul. Therapists will be introduced to the use of the symbolic in our personal and professional work vis-à- vis experiential mask-making and theoretical material (in hand-outs). The material is appropriate for all experiential levels and participants will:

  • Engage in a personal mask-making experience appropriate to also use with
  • Learn about the importance of the symbolic in our personal and professional life
  • Gain understanding of the interplay between persona (the masks we all
    wear) and shadow (the more hidden aspects of Self.)

3. How Technology Affects our Intimacy and What Can We Do About It (Prof. Yair-Amichai Hamburger, PhD and Debbie Amichai, MSc)

Participants will gain an understanding how technology can harm the ability of our clients to experience intimacy with their romantic partner.  They will gain understanding of the most important tools and how to utilize them in order to improve the relationship.

4. Your Client Believes Every Word You Say, So Choose Carefully (Leah Gniwesch, PhD)

Can our choice of words REALLY make a difference in the healing room? Which well- intended phrase (that you have probably used TODAY) can actually harm clients and undermine their emotional health?

Discover potent language tools that you can use immediately to power up your well-being and transform your therapy/coaching practice.

This workshop is suitable for participants in all helping professions.

Event Sponsors

Organizations That Will Be Present

General Admission: 250NIS Regular/195NIS Early Bird, Members Admission: 180NIS Regular/125NIS Early Bird


Early Bird Expires 14th February